Google + tips for your successful business

Google + tips for your successful business
Google plus launched in June 2011 is a social networking project initiated by Google. The Google+ design team pursued to imitate the way people connect offline more closely than the other social forums. Google has united many of its products into a single product. The slogan for this project is “Real-life sharing rethought for the web”.

Why Google Plus?

Google+ has more than 450 million active users around the globe, a perfect forum for you to introduce your business. Here is the guideline which will help you grow and improve your project.

Google plus CIRCLES are the categories for your connections and communities. Circles maybe discrete or overlap, for example, someone who you study with also goes to the same gym with you, will get updates for both the groups. It also has the HUDDLE feature which is a group text message feature for android, iPhone and Mobile Sim numbers.

Claim Production

Google customs Authorship to make a visual tie between you and your content which has been published. The refined search result streams are beneficial for you since it helps the readers identify your content at a glance. Link your content to Google plus by simply registering an email ID from the domain you contribute to and by using Google webmaster tools you can view the stats of your posts that are linked through Google+ authorship.

Direct connections with your business:

Create a connection between your business website and your page by using Google plus badge to endorse your work. This way you can increase your audience from your website for Google+ page.


Hashtag is a useful tool, it adds exposure to users beyond your page followers. Choose the hashtag for you brand efficiently and make sure it trends for longer period of time.

Communities game

Join communities and don’t forget to create your own community here at Google Plus. Choose the win which relates to your business technique perfectly. Google plus team monitor spammers very closely and pay full attention towards security and authority of the users.


Get local by adding your location. By using this feature your post reachability to the people who live in your area will increase drastically. Google+ native users get prompts to evaluate your business if they Google it.

Corporate leaf, Google plus

Increase followers and publicity on Google+ for your business page as a replacement for of your personal profile when you connect with people on your Google + page. To switch from your personal profile to the page, click the dropdown arrow next to your picture on it, your page will be registered beneath your active profile. Click on page and you are free to use it. Now, you can checks the pictures and cover photos for your page.

You can comment and like on Google plus too, just like Facebook and twitter. Feel free to update photos, status and discuss about the latest trends or brands. Stay connected. Search for the most famous communities on it and take part in the discussions.

You can even use the Host Hangout feature at Google Plus. It enables you to take interviews, panel meetings, and discussions and screen sharing. You can even link your videos to YouTube, this would boost your video content.

It’s all over the place, far and wide on every platform, based about what we want to share, with whom and when. If your social web site does not allow you to access with the basics or to enjoy the features, for sure it won’t be a hit. Google plus keep on adding new interactive features and updates the site timely.